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Packed open for beta!

After months of work, we are excited to announce that is now open for public beta.

What is packed?

Packed is first and foremost a community site for individuals who are excited about games. Our primary focus is flash games and a proprietery technology that will allows Packed users to develop (”Pack”) their own games using a web-based interface (more information on this will be released later on, as we near our release date).

We strive to deliver a superior gaming experience and aim to serve people who are “hardcore casual gamers”.

What’s a “hardcore casual gamer”?

A casual gamer is someone who plays casual games. On the web, these games are typically free and are easy to learn how to play. But just because a game is free and easy to pick-up, doesn’t mean that it can’t require skill, strategy and finesse to master. This is where “hardcore” comes in to play.

What’s the “Packed Factory”?

The Packed Factory is where users will be able to build flash games using our proprietary engine.  We are currently in the final testing phases and expect to release it in mid-April. Over the next few weeks we will be blogging a lot about what it’s like to “Pack” a game at the factory and we’ll include as many screenshots and sample games as possible.

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