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Cubic Disturbance and sponsored walkthroughs

A few days ago we announced Packed sponsored walkthroughs and released Cubic Disturbance - the first game with a Packed sponsored walkthrough.

Congratulations to Tim for the great game which has already been featured on the Kongregate and NewGrounds homepages and has won Mochiads’ flash game Friday competition.

If you’d like to submit your game for a sponsorship please contact us

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Top 3 games we left out of our previous list

Two days ago we posted our list of 7 most innovative games of 2008. Well apparently the list made it into Reddit and the gracious Reddit community mentioned some great games that weren’t on the list and probably should have made it (even though the list was entirely based on our own subjective opinions). So on that note, here’s another list of the top 3 games we left out of the previous one:

3. Fantastic Contraption

In Fantastic Contraption your goal is to get a red circle into the goal area by building a contraption or machine out of wheels and rods. The physics engine is superb and deterministic (hard to accomplish in flash due to frame rate issues), and the level design is very clever. You would think that that with only five components the game will lack variety, but you will be amazed with some of the contraptions you would have to build to pass some of the later levels.

Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption

2. Pandemic 2

In Pandemic you control the evolution of a disease and your goal is to exterminate the world with it. Gameplay is varied but cryptic with a lot of random elements. It’s hard to tell what makes countries shut down their borders, airports and shipyards which makes them impervious to infection. Overall, the concept is great and the execution is average+

Bonus points: Pandemic has made more people hate Madagascar than there are people living there (actually, it’s a pretty big country, so maybe not)

Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2

1.  Auditorium

Typically games that involve directing a beam of light to objects get boring after about four minutes. So what sets Auditorium apart? First of all, it’s beautiful, relaxing and the sound waves are more or less in sync with the music. The second thing is that most levels have more than one solution (this doesn’t mean that they are easy) which means creativity is well-rewarded. Unfortunately the flash version is just a demo, but it does have 15 fully functional levels which should amount to an hour or two of good fun.



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7 most innovative flash games of 2008

Just two and a half months too late we present to you the 7 most innovative flash games of 2008 as voted by the Packed team.

7. Hedgehog Launch

While not exactly featuring cutting-edge mechanics or unique game play Hedgehog Launch is most certainly the first game in which to win you must launch a hedgehog into space. If that’s not innovative enough, you get to use rockets and parachutes to help your hedgehog reach the stars.

Hedgehog Launch

6. Mastermind: World Conqueror

This PG-13 production took flash games to a whole new level (yes, even beyond Sonny). You play a megalomaniac mastermind determined to conquer the world. With the help of your minions and henchman you complete tasks and defend your base from attacks (which occur after the world decides you are too dangerous to be left alone). A surprising amount of fast-paced voice acting smoothly puts you flat into the well-written plot and, if you put in the hours, all the way to the delightful ending.

Mastermind World Conqueror

5. Even More Bloons

I know what you’re thinking. “How can a game named ‘even more ______’ be on a most innovative games list”. Well, you probably haven’t played through the Bloons series then. Once you get past the first 20 levels you’ll find that there are some amazingly subtle tricks and shots you need to learn to get through it. It’s hard to be innovative when you’re creating levels 101-150 for a game that has been out for a long time, but the guys over at Ninja Kiwi did it as far as we’re concerned.

Even More Bloons

4. Chronotron

In Chronotron you play a robot who can go back in time. Each level is a sort of puzzle where you must collect the skip circuit and return to the portal to level-up. Unfortunately you can’t complete each level by yourself, so you would need the assistance of a previous ‘you’ (or is it a ‘future’ you? I failed high-school physics). Durnig a level you can enter the portal which would go back in time to the point the level started meaning that another version of yourself will repeat whatever you did with it (including pushing useful butons) while you’ll be free to do whatever you want.

It’s true that this is not the first ‘ rewind’ type casual game, but its simple controls, polished graphics and superb level design earn it a #4 on our list.


3. 99 Bricks

This falling bricks game is no Tetris. Your goal isn’t to complete lines, but instead to build the tallest tower possible with 99 bricks. Making an interestnig game with tetrominoes earns this game our #3 spot.

99 Bricks

2. Amorphous

At first glance, Amorphous is nothing special. You walk around with a sword and kill glooples. But as you keep playing, you start to realize that the game has serious depth. There are 110 awards given for things like slaying three glooples in a single swnig or for getting 50 points in a single swing. For every 10 awards, you will receive a reward key that will allow you to unlock a special power that you can use in the game. The glooples don’t just move around randomly. They bounce and richochet, some chase you, some shoot at you and others we still have nightmares about. Amorphous requires a lot of skill and will keep you up at nights.


1. Shift

This puzzle platformer would be imposible to complete without the “Shift” key which flips the puzzle upside down. This ingenious yet simple concept allows for incredibly fun and innovative levels which earn Shift our #1 spot.


Think we missed something? Let us know!

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SciFi game interface

Here’s a little teaser from Justin, our trusty art director for an upcoming Sci-Fi themed game you will be able to build at the Factory.  It’s just art - no gameplay so don’t get too excited :)

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Highscores, walkthroughs and thanks!

This week we’ve added some exciting new features to Packed.


Thanks to the wonderful Mochiads Publisher bridge we now have over 2,000 games that support highscores. Check out Aliens Must DiePowerPool 2 and SAS: Zombie assault for some action-packed highscore fun.

Be sure to register if you want your highscores recorded. If you play as a guest, we will save your score and allow you to register and claim it for a short while.


Flash games are getting pretty intense, and some of them require complex strategies or tricks. This is where our new walkthrough feature comes in. Any Packed user can now write a walkthrough for any Packed game that includes images and videos to help out new players. Right now we don’t allow file uploads, so if you’d like to include images and videos you would need to embed them from other sites (e.g., YouTube, ImageShack).

A good example of a great waklthrough is Elprofesor’s PowerPool 2 walkthrough - I even used it to beat his score :)


With the inclusion of the new walkthrough feature and the old tips feature we thought it would be a good time to add a way for users to show their appreciation for other users’ tips and walkthroughs. Next to every walkthrough and tip you now have a “thank the author” link. You can see a list of the top contributors (users who received the most thanks) on the homepage. Later on, when we implement user levels the thanks feature will also be used for gaining ‘community levels’ (more on this later).

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