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Quest for points and levels

As you may have noticed, we’ve added a new feature to Packed called Quests.

Quests challenge gamers to complete a number of tasks in different high-score enabled games on Packed. Quests typically have a certain theme and involve 3-5 different games. An easy quest might take an experienced gamer only an hour to complete while a difficult one can take days or even weeks.

For completing a quest you will receive gamer points (which increase your gamer level) and a shiny badge for your profile page. More difficult quests yield more points (and shinier badges!)

We’ve started out the quests feature with three quests and plan to add 3-4 new quests every month.

Soon we will be launching our community forums which will be the last major update before the release of the Packed factory (which will enable you to create your own games on Packed) so stay tuned!

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