5 flash games your mom will enjoy

There are many reasons to get your mom to play games. Probably the most important one is that it will get her off your back about how much time you spend playing games yourself.

So without further ado, Packed presents: games for moms

#5 Civiballs 2

This Puzzle game by King is perfect for the newbie mom. The graphics are appealing enough to spark an initial interest and the controls are simple enough to avoid unnecessary frustration. The game has a very gradual difficulty curve and should be a good candidate for introducing your mom to the world of flash games.


#4 Woobies

This Puzzle Bobble clone is also great for first timers. Instead of Bubbles you’re trying to create sets of 3 or more Woobies which are furry and wobbly creatures. It will take exactly two minutes to teach your mom how to play it leaving you plenty of time to get some triple-kills in your favorite shooter.


#3 Qbeez

The nice thing about Qbeez is that you can’t get stuck or lose a life. You complete a level when you remove all the bricks or when you have no more moves left (hence you can’t get stuck). The worst that can happen is that you will run out of time and will have to restart the level (unlikely, since you have a LOT of time).

Yet, despite its simplicity, your mom may become addicted to Qbeez because it’s quite challenging to try and get good combos (which equal better scores). Another nice feature is that the game is updated with new levels every day from the Qbeez servers. This one has the potential to keep your mom hooked for weeks!


#2 Stackle

Stackle is a puzzle game where you must restack a pile of bricks to reach as high as you can without having the entire thing topple. If you live at home this will get your mom busy organizing bricks instead of asking you to clean your room.


#1 Fishdom

Fishdom is a very good Bejeweled clone. What sets it apart from other Bejeweled clones is that every level you get money which you can use to buy fish and decorations for your Aquarium. I know this sounds extremely silly, but you will learn the power of the aquarium when your mom tells you “later, I have an aquarium to fill”.


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  • river says:

    Great post. My mom also likes Bloons

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