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Planet survival

Developer: ddrl_Brazil
Notes: Version 0.1 (12 Dec 09)
Finnaly it comes! But is a BETA test,so tell me anything that i need change,that will help me to create a better TD game. Dont worry about it,it only have 8 waves but the true game will have more than 40! To see the game history,jut take a look at the instructions.

Version 0.2 (12 Dec 09)
Now we have rebalanced power and upgrades,tell me what i need change if i made something wrong.

Version 0.3 (13 Dec 09)
Now i have rebalanced to make it dificult and i have added a newTower. Again,help me to upgrade it and release the full version.

Version 0.4 (18 Dec 09)
People,i have make a balance now,Enemies have a little less HP but not so small or big,and the Towers now are stronger than the other versions. And all towers have your own function now,no one is useless. Play well,and tell me if i need change something.

Version 0.5 (23 Dec 09)
New BETA Version,with some edits and some enemies are faster.

Version 0.6 (22 Feb 10)
With cars.Only to you people play a little and have fun.I will have time on this weekend and i will make a really nice game for you.

Feedback (37)

12 Dec 09

totally unbalanced. regen mines are super cheap and kill everything, 3 first waves have a way too high difficulty steep, ( from totally easy to super easy ) sell prices are weird, and towers are unbalanced with upgrades.

12 Dec 09

nice game. sound are awesome. But the prize of towers is co cheap that we can buy many towers at one time only. but the game is awesome.

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