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Space wars : red spaceship

Description: Spacewars : Red Spaceship is a flash based video game inspired by classic arcade games such as Space War and Asteroids, which use vectors to draw sprites. You control the blue spaceship and your goal is to destroy the red spaceship before it can shoot you. Although based around one of the earliest known digital computer games, this modern video game features full color and sound.
Instructions: Shooting the red spaceship will increase your score by 100 points. The red spaceship becomes progressively harder to destroy. Watch out for up to three suns on the playfield which have strong gravitational fields and should be avoided as crashing into the sun will result in losing your ship. However, if you can lure the red spaceship to crash into a sun you will gain 20 points. You have five lives to begin with, indicated by the blue ships under your score. The game ends when all of your ships h