Submit your game for sponsorship

If you're a flash game developer who is about to release a game we'd love for you to consider having a sponsored walkthrough in your game.

How does it work?

A sponsored walkthrough means that your game will contain a hard link to a walkthrough or game instructions for the game hosted on (example: Cubic Disturbance walkthrough).

This typically isn't something your primary sponsor will object to but it's best to make sure they are ok with it beforehand.

Who writes the walkthrough?

Typically the developer does, as they tend to know their own games best and it also gives them control over revisions and credit for writing it.

How much do you pay?

As a general rule of thumb, walkthrough sponsorships will be priced at 15-25% of the primary sponsorship price. There are however many exceptions, and ultimately we evaluate games on a case by case basis.

Do you also offer primary/exclusive sponsorships?

Yes, but not very often. Feel free to send us games for consideration.

If you'd like to submit a game for sponsorship please use our contact form.