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10 Sep 11
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amorphous+ is one of the best games ever u nub! go die~
Maybe instead of thinking how good u are (which ur not btw) u should try to get better at English. Just a...
You need to fix the ball geting stuck, its not fun.
Keldog666 on Glow Effect, 08 Feb 11
Dude, the AI for this game is all messed up. Not much fun >.>

Keldog666 on PACMAN ORIGINAL, 08 Feb 11
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Killer 55 26 May 11
Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense II 207,234 24 May 11
AE Pipes 112,710 08 Feb 11
Nuke It 3,600 04 Feb 11
Marbyl 17,600 28 Jan 11