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PATRICKKASIE, 22 years old male

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About Me
I am always busy creating things. I do not use any programs to make the graphics, so they might look wierd. For that matter, I use mathematical shapes like squares which have no white border around the tower.
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06 Mar 11
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24 Feb 11

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@kTeok the reason might be because it's somewhere at the end of the TD list
PATRICKKASIE on Packed Engine, 30 Jan 12
@Guest221005 you have to do it bit by bit, slowly and steady. first make a plan of what you want to do, then...
PATRICKKASIE on Packed Engine, 29 Jan 12
@kTeok you can click at Run to test your game offline
PATRICKKASIE on Packed Engine, 27 Jan 12
with no towers?! timb you are the most worse tower defense maker i ever saw!
PATRICKKASIE on Bloons TD 5, 24 Feb 11
there is no single tower you can buy! change this!
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Down TD 4,618 27 Dec 11
QBeez Online 317,700 27 Dec 11
Gaddy's Castle Defense 21 10 Sep 11
Bloody East 176,320 10 Sep 11
Space Pips 305,700 10 Sep 11