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25 Oct 10

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08 Feb 11

Maybe instead of thinking how good u are (which ur not btw) u should try to get better at English. Just a thought.

Gc jerk$$
01 Jul 10

heck yaa im in Gc jerk$$

Gc jerk$$
30 Jun 10

im Gcjerk$$ now

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heck yaa im in Gc jerk$$
im Gcjerk$$ now
my is 1000000000000000 but i dent put is on high score in becuse every 1 yel be jeles
reyesd9 on AE Pipes, 29 Jun 10
i had 10000000
reyesd9 on Shopping Cart Hero, 22 Jun 10
I JERK fr3$h boyz
reyesd9 on Chicken Invaders 3, 11 Jun 10
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AE Pipes 3,850 29 Jun 10
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Bomb Jack 5,100 27 Jun 10
GF Sponsor Bowling 169 26 Jun 10
Down TD 156 22 Jun 10