Are Custom Boxes Worth Buying For Your Business?

Are Custom Boxes Worth Buying For Your Business?

One simple trick you can help drive repeated revenue to your business. It's all about custom boxes and product packaging. 

A lot of people see packaging as just a shipping necessity, but it can actually be a great marketing investment. A survey by Shorr Packaging Corp found that 51% of premium shoppers (those who spend at least $200 in one transaction) feel that custom boxes and packaging make a product feel more valuable. And 44% of those same shoppers said they would make a repeat purchase based on the packaging alone.

Custom boxes and custom packaging can definitely be worth the investment if you use it correctly. Not only can it reduce waste, it can also make a great first impression and save you money on shipping costs.

But it gets even better. On average, repeat customers spend 67% more than first-time customers. And since 2010, there's been an 871% increase in YouTube videos with "unboxing" in the title. So not only does custom packaging make a product feel more valuable, it can also help generate buzz on social media.

Custom boxes can also help you build repeat business. It's the first tactile experience a customer has with your brand, so you want to make a good impression. And almost 50% of retailers feel their custom packaging helps them compete with big box stores.

Custom boxes and packaging can also be profitable. A shocking 11% of online customers are completely happy with the packaging they receive. So there are plenty of customers out there just waiting to be wooed by you.

If you're interested in a custom box or custom packaging for your business, visit ID Source and speak with one of their talented and knowledgeable staff members. They can help you get exactly what you need to win over the other 89%.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • White double flap, front roll tuck type mailer box for printing your custom design or logo

    Custom Boxes

    Make a great first impression and brand unboxing experience while driving repeated revenue to your business with custom printed boxes and mailers.

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  • White mylar stand-up pouch with zipper enclosure to print and customize using your brand logo and design.

    Custom Pouches

    Stand out with an attractive and convenient way to protect the quality and freshness of your product using your logo and design to increase loyalty and awareness.

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  • White round sticker label that looks like it is peeling from the corner shown as an example label that you can custom print with your design.

    Custom Labels

    Get your brand to stick out while sticking on important product information and branding elements to give your products a professional and cohesive look.

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