LootCrate custom packaging that encourages customers to share photos of their unboxing experience on social media.

How LootCrate Revolutionized Custom Boxes and Made Unboxing Go Viral

Loot Crate, a subscription box service that delivers monthly boxes filled with collectible and exclusive items to its subscribers, played a major role in making custom mailer boxes popular. The company, which was founded in 2012, gained a loyal following by offering unique and customizable boxes centered around various themes such as gaming, pop culture, and even pets.

One of the key elements that contributed to Loot Crate's success was its focus on creating a sense of community among its subscribers. The company encouraged its subscribers to share their unboxing experiences on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, using the hashtag #LootCrate. This not only allowed subscribers to connect with each other, but it also helped to create a viral marketing effect for the company.

LootCrate custom packaging that encourages customers to share photos of their unboxing experience on social media.

As more and more people shared their unboxing experience and raved about the contents of their Loot Crate boxes, the company's brand began to go viral. This, in turn, attracted even more subscribers and helped to solidify Loot Crate's position as a leader in the subscription box industry.

The success of Loot Crate and its focus on social media marketing paved the way for other custom box companies to follow suit. Today, it's common for subscription box companies to encourage their subscribers to share their unboxings on social media, as it helps to create a sense of community and can drive brand awareness.

In conclusion, Loot Crate's focus on creating custom boxes and its innovative use of social media helped to make custom boxes popular and contributed to the company's success. Its viral marketing strategy has inspired other brands to follow in its footsteps, and today, sharing unboxings on social media is a common practice in the subscription box industry.

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